Michel Proulx, bowmaker

    Bows for Sale
I'm offering for sale some bows that were made too long ago.
I normally don't make "study bows", therefore,
may this be an occasion for whom is looking for some.
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D'après les indications de Léopold Mozart

A clip-in frog inspired from the description that Leopold Mozart makes of his own bow.

A bit heavy, with 52g. 500 €

alto bruxelles

A clip-in frog bow after a bow from the collections of the Instrumental Museum of Brussels.

A bit heavy, with 52g; would suit a viola. 500 €

archet vénitien

Violin bow.
After a collector's bow supposedly from Venice at the end of the 17th C.
Here in light frank snakewood with a grayish ebony frog.
49g, The stick is fluted on about half its lenght

After the bow of a violinist from Nice. This type of bow appears around the second half of the 18th C., before being superseded by the Cramer and Tourte models. Mammoth ivory button, water buffalo horn frog, Pernambucco stick.
46g. 650€

Beyer court

Based upon my standard bow, a slightly shorter stick with serrated strip frog. Frank snakewood (that is unfigured).

450 €


Prototype for my standard bow. Screw frog, unfigured snakewood, 48g..
500 €

Archet de violon XVII°"

After iconography, a 17th C. dance bow in snakewood with a serrated clip-frog. .
56 cm, 45-46 cm de mèche, 39g. 2 exemplaires.
450 €

F-X Tourte

Copy of a slightly archaic Tourte bow (hammer head rounded at the throat), third half of the 18th C. 
Open frog in ebony with bone button. Pernambucco stick.
52 g
650 €

Archet de viole

An attempt to imitate a bow which I had on my hands.
Snakewood. Bone button. Lenght 82 cm, weight 80 g.
700 €